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National Referral Directory Application

The National Human Trafficking Hotline's National Referral Directory is comprised of service providers, law enforcement, government officials, task forces, coalitions and other organizations, individuals, and collaborative initiatives working to combat human trafficking. The National Hotline strives to provide survivors, advocates, law enforcement, and communities with the most up-to-date and high quality referrals to meet their unique needs in a given area. 

To ensure these goals are met, the National Hotline engages in a review process prior to adding new organizations to the database. Organizations interested in being included in the database are asked to complete the following form which will be reviewed by the National Hotline. You can expect to receive a response regarding your application within 1-4 weeks of submission.

Once the form has been submitted, National Hotline staff may schedule a follow-up call with you to discuss your agency's structure, service delivery policies and procedures, and available services, and to develop specific referral protocols. The National Hotline may also request a letter of reference/support to verify the organization’s experience working directly with survivors of human trafficking, and/or other at-risk or related populations, and to confirm that the organization is in good standing within its field.

The National Hotline does not endorse or certify organizations included in our database. Your answers to the questions listed below will help us to determine if your agency meets the minimum National Hotline criteria for inclusion, and to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate referrals based on your mission, capacity, and service area.

The application form has been divided into six sections
  • Section 1: You will be asked to provide your organization’s contact information.
  • Section 2: You will be asked for the areas your organization serves.
  • Section 3: You will be asked to provide information about the populations you serve.
  • Section 4: You will be asked for information about the services you provide. 
  • Section 5: You will be asked for contact information for the main point of contact in your organization. 
  • Section 6: You will be asked to provide other details about your organization's structure, funding, and experience serving survivors of trafficking.
All the information provided in Section 5 and Section 6 will remain confidential to the National Hotline and will not be displayed publicly, should you be approved for the Directory. 

If your organization has the following documents, you will be prompted to upload them:
  • Official Confidentiality Policy
  • Non-Discrimination Policy
For more information about the database, policies, and inclusion criteria, click on the following link.

Select how you would like your organization's information to be accessed
Information in this section will be displayed publicly online and/or provided to callers who contact the National Hotline for assistance.

If you are a social services or legal services provider, choose "Direct Services Provider." If you are a community group, advocacy group, or non-government agency that does not provide social or legal services, choose "Indirect Services Only." If your organization is an Indirect Service Provider, the type of referral services would be restricted to: Education/Job Training, Interpretation/Translation, Outreach/Awareness, Survivor Leadership, Training, Transportation Assistance, or Volunteer Opportunities.

Referral Methods



Include Hours of Operation, Purpose of Line (i.e., Shelter Number)

If your organization offers crisis services or emergency shelter as part of your referral services, please provide a 24 hr number that the National Hotline can use to access those services after hours.

(XXX) XXX-XXX. This number may be used to provide to stakeholders for vetting purposes

Include Hours of Operation, Purpose of Line (i.e., Shelter Number)


Include Hours of Operation, Purpose of Line (i.e., Shelter Number)


Include Hours of Operation, Purpose of Line (i.e., Shelter Number)

The Primary Email will be listed publicly for referral purposes

Contact methods that are made publicly available will be posted on the website (if you chose to be public) and/or given to callers who reach out to the Hotline. Contact methods not marked here will remain private for use by Hotline Advocates directly connecting callers to your organization for referrals.


Questions regarding anything in this form? Visit this document or email the National Hotline at

Please select all demographic options that are considered eligible for your services. At least one selection from each section must be made. Please include specifics of your age range, documentation status, etc in the "Populations Served Notes." 

For example, an agency might select males, females, trans male, trans female, foreign national, adults, minors, sex trafficking, labor trafficking and foreign nationals and include the note “We serve clients who are age 12-24 and who are refugees, asylees, have SIJS status, or are trafficking victims.”

Choose all that apply from each demographic section. 

Please only select the following specializations when it is part of your organization’s core mission/focus to serve these groups, resulting in particular expertise. It is assumed that agencies that do not “specialize” in serving these populations will still offer services to clients who identify with these populations and meet agency intake criteria. 
Select all "specializations" that apply:

Please enter using semi-colons between languages or statements, eg: "English; Spanish; Other languages by phone translation service.
Questions regarding anything in this form? Visit this document or email the National Hotline at
Please select all that apply AND enter explanatory notes. Notes are very helpful for our Hotline Advocates when making referrals and provides viewers of our public Referral Directory with some context. Also be careful to select the populations that are eligible for each service (including selections from each category: age, gender, type of trafficking; and nationality). 

Please select only services that you provide in-house, except where the definition for the service indicates that service may be provided via MOU.

If you select Emergency Shelter or Crisis Services, you must either provide a 24 hour hotline in Section 1 of this form or have a crisis referral protocol in place with the National Hotline. If the latter, please state in your note "to access emergency services, call the National Hotline for a referral."

Due to the purpose of our Referral Directory, it will be assumed that all services listed will be available to survivors and victims of human trafficking. If you provide indirect services such as training, please only include those services that related to human trafficking. 

Options with an asterisk (*) may be selected by indirect service providers.

Organization provides addiction treatment in-house or via MOU. Organization can serve a client with an addiction who has not received prior treatment.

Needs assessment and assistance acquiring services and benefits whether in-house, through partner agencies, or public services.

Organization offers child care for dependents of clients on-site or via MOU with a child care agency.

24 hour access to an advocate for assistance locating shelter, speaking to law enforcement, or accessing other needed assistance.

organization provides education and job training such as ESL, Computer Classes, or job placement services, in-house or via MOU.

Program offers 24-hour access to accommodations in-house or via MOU

Organization can assist client in locating family members and reuniting family in the US.

Organization provides health-care on-site, operates a clinic, or has an MOU with a health-care provider.

Organization can provide qualified interpreters for court proceedings, for law enforcement, or for other agencies. DO NOT select if interpretation/translation services are limited for use within your agency and not as described above. 

Legal Assistance/consultation for civil legal matters provided by attorney.

Legal Assistance/Consultation related to criminal defense or crime victim rights advocacy, provided by a licensed legal professional.

Definition: Legal Assistance/consultation provide by an attorney or BIA accredited representative.

Residential housing for more than a year.

Organization conducts outreach or raises awareness on topics related to human trafficking.

Organization can assist client in returning to country of origin.
Repatriation details

Supportive counseling not provided by a licensed therapist.

Organization has a policy or program to support professional development, leadership training, and/or employment to survivors of human trafficking.

Available to conduct trainings and presentations related to human trafficking.

Residential housing for a period of 1 month up to 2 years.

Organization can provide or fund transportation locally and/or nationally. If you provide transportation on a case-by-case basis but do not wish this to be publicly known, please contact the NHTH hotline.

Volunteer opportunities for community members wanting to get involved in the anti-trafficking field.

Questions regarding anything in this form? Visit this document or email the National Hotline at
Please include the point of contact that the National Hotline may reach out to for any updates to your organization's record. Information in this section will be accessible by Hotline staff only.

(###) ###-####

(###) ###-####

Questions regarding anything in this form? Visit this document or email the National Hotline at
Information in this section will be accessible by Hotline staff only.

If yes, please upload on the next field.

Only files ending in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .pages, or an image file.

If yes, please upload on the next field

Only files ending in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .pages, or an image file.

If your organization provides overnight shelter or housing to clients, please complete the following questions. If your organization does not provide overnight shelter or housing to clients, you may skip this section:

For internal tracking purposes only, please provide the following information:

Questions regarding anything in this form? Visit this document or email the National Hotline at